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CAPE TORQUE was formed to promote and sell mechanical power transmission components produced by our six principles as indicated on our home page. But CAPE TORQUE is much more than just a sales organization. We are also a solutions provider. With our knowledge and quality products, we can offer you cost-effective long lasting solutions and savings.

Our fluid couplings from PEMBRIL are the most cost effective drop-out/drop-in type of fluid coupling on the market and are fully interchangeble with well known brands in this market.

Our MAINA cardan shafts have a proven track record in the world market.

Disc brakes from SIME-STROMAG were specified for the Portnet ship to shore container cranes a couple of years back; with good reason. With a different brake for every type of industrial application, there is no better choice than use a SIME-STROMAG brake.

AUTOGARD is your premium manufacturer of the best mechanical torque limiters on the market today. Furhtermore they manufacture an extremely practical flexible coupling offer the quickest insert exchange time, using no more than a mallet and an allan key! See our SAMIFLEX range of elastomeric couplings if short down times appeal to you.

Lastly MAGNADRIVE is going to change the way that engineers view motor speed control in the 21st century. Offering both more overall cost effective speed control and huge energy savings over a period of time, it is also worthwhile noting that 10 years from now parts will still be available and that the same drive is used for medium voltage and low voltage applications. Harsh conditions do not really affect the ASD and even slight misalignment does not compromise the operation of the unit. On top of the ADJUSTABLE SPEED DRIVE(ASD) there is also the MGTL(torque limiting magnetic coupling) and the MGD(delay magnetic coupling). These couplings all offer totally contact free torque transfer. Truly "THE NEXT INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION"