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Are you tired of problems with variable frequency drives on the plants that you are responsible for? Is the shortage of skilled labour in the South African market that can service your speed control equipment a concern for you? Would you be interested in an ADJUSTABLE SPEED DRIVE that requires nothing more than bearing lubrication every six months? If the answer is yes to any of the questions, do yourself a favour and read below.

Did you know that we can supply you with a mechanical solution to speed control on an electric motor driving a centrifugal load like a pump or fan? The MAGNADRIVE ASD range of adjustable speed drives transmit torque through an airgap from the motor to the driven load. There is no physical contact between the motor and the load, thus your motor always starts up under no load conditions. By varying the airgap inside the drive, the torque transmitted by the rare earth magnets to the copper plate assembly is increased and infinite speed control is achieved within the motor's rated speed. Because the drive is purely mechanical there is no harmonics generated back into the supply, the quality of the supply does not affect the drive, the same drive can be used for low and medium voltage applications and because there is no direct connection between motor and load, the motor is cushioned from any vibration or jam-ups caused by the load. Furthermore if anything goes wrong with the speed control electrics,i.e. the control of the linear actuator, you can still control the speed of the drive manually! Guaranteed spares availability for at least twenty years means that there will not be a "new improved model" like with so many VFD's. We have the perfect answer to speed control right now. Give us a call at any time for an enquiry form that we may generate a quotation for your application.

You will see that we offer a very interesting range of products, manufactured by some major names in industry. For these brands CAPE TORQUE holds sole distribution rights for the entire Western Cape.

We now also represent FLOWSERVE - Flow Solutions Division in the Western Cape. A very exciting addition to our product basket indeed. The FLOWSERVE range of mechanical seals consists of the combined product ranges of PACIFIC WIETZ, DURAMETALLIC and BW SEALS. Visit for more information.

For immediate technical assistance, or a quotation on any of our quality products, call our office at Cape Town 021 551 9998. All your enquiries, big or small, will be attended to without delay.


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